You Know You're a New Yorker When... New York City has approximately 8 million people. On the subways, while on line at a coffee cart or on the way home from the deli, there are countless stories and interludes to share.

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(5868 previous messages) dacart2 - 11:48am Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5869 of 5878)

You know which door of what car on the subway to exit out of so that you will be directly in front of the exit or transfer point at any given station.

navahjoe - 12:19pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5870 of 5878)

When you calmly push an old lady out of the way to dive into a Brooklyn-bound J train, turn up 50-Cent on your NetMD, find an old copy of the Post on the floor and sit your ass down (cuz the J is hardly ever crowded).

210548952 - 01:53pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5871 of 5878)

when you don't submit ideas to this forum.. retitle this forum to "you know you're a transplant/temporary new yorker from the suburbs when"...

genovese3 - 02:58pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5872 of 5878)

people from to us when a overpass falls on your head!

caryg5 - 05:47pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5873 of 5878)

when you actually read these entries

dwatson122 - 05:56pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5874 of 5878)

when a two homeless men get run down and killed by speeding cars on First Avenue trying to get to the 30th Street Men's shelter trying to make a 10PM bed sign curfew and not one newspaper reports it and no one cares.

kmosnyt - 08:30pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5875 of 5878)

... even though you've lived in San Diego since 1970 you still wear a New York Giants jacket.

metrocardina - 09:18pm Feb 21, 2003 EST (# 5876 of 5878) feel sorry for cities that have only one major league baseball team to root for.

orontes - 01:26am Feb 22, 2003 EST (# 5877 of 5878)

You board London's subway (sorry.. "Tube") and decide it is the absolute worst.

maroualle - 01:36pm Feb 22, 2003 EST (# 5878 of 5878)

"No "Vive la Belgique"! Pourquoi?"

Belgium is a f***** up coutry, that's why. The poor mentality of this country makes me sick every day's of my entire life.Besides, the government's act of high treason towards the USA is unacceptable and must be punished. There's no places like NY.

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